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If you’re an individual struggling with pornography, masturbation and other destructive sexual behaviors, our hearts go out to you. As professionals at Renaissance, we have been through our own severe struggles and long-term successful recovery from sexual addiction, so we can relate to where you are. Please believe us when we say, “There is great hope! If we can break free from addiction, so can you!

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18 Aug 2018

Porn Users are all Perverts–WRONG!

Myth: Pornography Users Are All Perverts! Fact:  Not true! The typical profile of someone battling with pornography is: they are bright, sensitive and spiritual. When you understand addiction and the obsessive/compulsive cycle that fuels it, this makes perfect sense. These individuals are not weak. They simply have great strengths that have become a weakness. If […]

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18 Aug 2018

Willpower is NOT Enough!

When battling pornography and other sexual addictions, it’s not unusual for an individual to hear comments like, “If you really wanted it badly enough, you would do it!” “If you were more spiritual you could overcome this!” “You just need more willpower!” None of these statements are true, nor are they helpful. In fact, this […]

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18 Aug 2018

Is Porn Use Substance Abuse?

The mountains of clinical data and visual evidence–as millions continue their out-of-control porn use despite consequences of divorce, loss of employment, destroyed reputations, deep shame and depression, prison time, etc.,–shouts the obvious: “YES, PORNOGRPAHY IS ADDICTIVE!”   The more important question is not “Is pornography addictive?” but rather, “Is pornography a drug addiction? Does pornography […]

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