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Are You Hopelessly Trapped in Addiction?

Are you straining under the overwhelming burden of pornography, masturbation and other destructive sexual behaviors? Have you tried willpower, spirituality and other personal strategies to break free, but keep falling back? Perhaps you’ve even been involved with individual or group counseling, and 12-Step programs, but still find yourself trapped in addiction.

At Renaissance Reclaim, our unique Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) is specifically designed to help individuals who have been unsuccessful in their repeated efforts to break free from pornography and sexual addiction. Our IOP program goes far beyond the traditional “one-session-per-week” approach to recovery.

Addicts Helping Addicts

We know what works and how to help you, because as individuals and professionals, we have been successful in our own long-term recoveries from porn and sexual addiction.

In a safe, confidential, compassionate environment, we guide and mentor you through tested and proven addiction recovery principles, tools and daily practices. We uniquely harmonize deep spirituality, cutting-edge addiction recovery psychology, and the brain science of permanent behavior change.

8 Reasons to Choose Renaissance Reclaim


  1. An Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)—9.5 hours of weekly group/individual therapy. This level of time and intense focus is essential to rewiring the brain and attaining real, lasting recovery.
  2. Daily contact, accountability, support and mentoring with a personal Recovery Coach.
  3. Identify and heal the underlying “core causes” of addiction vs. treating the symptoms.
  4. Education, therapy, support and healing for spouses.
  5. A highly effective combination of Sexual Addiction Recovery Psychology, the Brain Science of Behavior Change and the 12 Steps, centered upon a solid foundation of the love, grace and power of the Atonement of Jesus Christ.
  6. Learn to use powerful daily tools that promote, achieve, and maintain sobriety from sexual addiction.
  7. A focus on preserving and strengthening marriage and family relationships.
  8. Develop the knowledge and life-skills that lead to long-term addiction recovery and success in the most important aspects of your life and cherished relationships.

Recovery From Pornography
and Sexual Addiction Is Possible

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